Welcome to the The Alchemist’s Chronicle website! You might notice it’s a bit empty here. That’s because I’m still working on the comic. But I had a free domain credit and basic HTML and CSS skills, so why not set up a website real quick?

The Alchemist’s Chronicle is a story about a man named Aren who finds an unusual method of escape from his weary, oppressed life via a magical book that whisks him off to another world. There, Aren finds himself trying to follow in the footsteps of the world’s last alchemist and attempts to craft an item that can save the world from a malevolent force even stronger than the mythological gods. Along the way, he begins to face his demons, appreciate his worth, and grow as a person. But can one human (and his formerly divine friends) stand up against a literal god-killer?

A fair warning: this story touches a lot on LGBT+, POC, and mental health issues. This is a generally light-hearted story, but overcoming trauma is a major theme. Don’t want to make a big deal about that, but it is what it is, and I’d rather folks know what they’re getting into.

Enjoy the comic (or just the post, depending on when you read this)!