Big Announcement!

The Alchemist’s Chronicle is on WEBTOON!

As I insinuated last week, The Alchemist’s Chronicle made its official launch on WEBTOON today! Be sure to subscribe and share it around! If you’re a Tapas fan, we also have a mirror on there. 


Click Here to read on WEBTOON


Click Here to Read on Tapas!


There’s other news! We’re looking at making a Discord server. If any of y’all have experience with Discord communities/moderation, comment below, or email me at with any tips and tricks you have!

Finally, if you have any extra cash, consider supporting our Patreon! You’ll get additional behind-the-scenes content, alternate comics, and the chance to add your character to the comic! Fun! If you’d prefer a small one time donations, we also have a Ko-fi. All funds go to getting pages out faster, and additional digital content like wallpapers.

Thanks for your support! It means a lot!